My Life as Pioneer the Grape | Bud Burst


Told by: Pioneer the Grape - he's not Riesling around!

Here I am! Pretty cute if I say so myself ;)

Here I am! Pretty cute if I say so myself ;)

Hello everyone!

My name is Pioneer the Grape and I am of the Riesling varietal. You can find me in the Pioneer Block at Harper's Trail Winery. I am going to take you on my life journey, from budburst to making it into a yummy bottle of Pioneer Block Riesling!

This is my story!

Month One

My year-long journey to becoming a great grape of wine begins here.
One day many, many years ago a great man named Thaddeus Harper came to Kamloops with a vision to settle his cattle drive. Now,  I know what you are thinking. No, this is not where my story began. A measly little grape had no business being in a cattle yard. However, if we fast forward (200) years later and queue in the Collett's, Ed and Vicki, two people who had a vision to make exceptional tasting wine after a "tasteful weekend away" in the Okanagan together, Harper's Trail was born.
I'm going to skip over all the boring stuff because we are not here to learn about Thaddeus Harper. We are here to learn about me, Pioneer the Grape!

Now, currently, I’m a cute little vine. But I'm a bud that's about to burst! This is my first stage of being an infant and just like any ordinary infant I must be taken care of, tended to, to make sure I grow up and succeed!

Our crop cover! How pretty!

Our crop cover! How pretty!

You ask what bud break is? What does this have to do with becoming a grape, let alone becoming a wine? Well, if you hold your horses (no pun intended), I will get to that. When vines emerge from dormancy, the first bud appears. This is what you call bud break! In the vineyard, to help my roots retain moisture during this time, a beautiful cover crop blankets the ground between the rows that consist of, dandelions, shepherd's purse, and alfalfa. This helps nourish me so I can one day grow up and become a great tasting wine that you see in our local restaurants and liquor stores.

Our neighbourhood block

Our neighbourhood block

Hold on! You’re probably wondering why any grape would want to be wine?
Well, when you're a young little bud like me, this is all we dream about becoming. The story is passed down from each generation and as the vines mature so does our great taste!
Wait! Wine? What is wine?
Well, what did the grape say when it got stepped on? It let out a little whine! LOL!
But all jokes aside, wine is when the grape is picked, pressed, and the juice is fermented. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here! We still have 11 months to learn how I go from a tiny bud to a bottle of Pioneer Block Riesling.

So, stayed tuned! I will be posting each month about my thriving life of becoming a wine grape!


Your Pioneer!

Sam Brez