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Vicki collett

BC-born Vicki Collett, co-owner of Harper's Trail, has experience in both the hospitality industry and administration - two very important areas when deciding to open and run a winery. It was Vicki's love of food and wine, along with a weekend wine-tasting trip to the Naramata Bench in the Okanagan, which led her and husband Ed Collett to start having conversations about owning a winery. "I simply like food and wine, and in no particular order," says Vicki.

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ed collett

Kamloops-bred Ed Collett, co-owner of Harper's Trail, has always used hard work and his wits to achieve whatever goal he decided was important. Whenever Ed has faced adverse situations, he has managed to work them to his advantage. Add to all this a love of wine, deep respect for the land, and ability to ask for help and bring in experts, and you have a winery that is making history in BC's newest winemaking hot spot.

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michael bartier

Michael Bartier has been our consulting winemaker since our first vintage. Michael brings his sharp wit and knowing nose to work every day, firmly believing that the biggest myth in winemaking is "winemaking" because, "Wine isn't made; it's grown."

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